About OverstockUPS

OverstockUPS was formed to serve our customers with high quality new Battery Backup Units. Since 2005, we have sold, serviced and refurbished UPS systems.

OverstockUPS strives to be an industry leader in these uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS, with a focus on both quality and value. Our premium and value models will provide you with the power that you require in terms of uninterrupted power supply, and provide it at the right price. From the 120v racks to the 10 kv+, Symmetras and 3phase models we have the right sized unit for you at the right price. For your current or future needs in uninterruptible power supply, visit OverstockUPS.com online or call either Bob at (561) 523-1925 or Wes at (954) 461-3563 and they will be glad to help you find the UPS units that are right for you and your specific company or personal needs.
Here are some quick facts about OverstockUPS: